Tabernacle Model and Furniture Display for Sale (Price reduced $7,000 - 3.17.21)

Updated: Mar 17

Large Size Tabernacle of Moses for Sale

This near life-size exhibit of the biblical Tabernacle of Moses (Mishkan) is available for purchase. This is a one-of-a-kind teaching display is portable, and simple to assemble with a small team of four. It has been used in conferences, synagogues, churches, and other events for the past ten years.

The furniture and the walls show some signs of use, but everything has been maintained and is ready for use. This exhibit was designed for inside display only. However, it could be easily adapted for outdoor use with the appropriate coverings and anchors.

Display requires a minimum area of 20’ deep x 50’ wide x 14’ high. It comes with all the biblical size furniture: The Ark of the Covenant, Menorah, Table of Showbread, Golden Altar of Incense, Laver for Washing, Altar of Burnt Sacrifice, one 6’ x 12’ inner ceiling with cherubs, the four 4’ x 12’ outer coverings for display (brown, red, white, multi-colored cherub). The coverings can be hung on the outer wall of the Tabernacle for audience viewing or a display rack could be constructed.

The Ark of the Covenant, Table of Showbread, Golden Altar of Incense are made of wood overlaid with a gold-leafing. The Menorah is made from 108 pounds of cast aluminum with a brilliant gold finish.

The Laver is made of tin overlaid with copper sheeting. The Altar of Burnt Sacrifice is made of wood overlaid with copper sheeting. The Altar can be mounted on rocks of your choice.

The exhibit can be sold in three separate packages or one complete package.

1.) Furniture Package:

Ark, Menorah, Table Showbread, Incense Altar, Brazen Laver, Brazen Altar


2.) 8’ x 24’ Trailer:

Used condition, new tires enclosed trailer set up for securing tabernacle furniture $4,000.

3.) The Tabernacle Structure Package:

Includes 15 (6” x 8’) silver floor mounts, 9 (12” square x 12’) pillars, 11 top wall securing caps, 37 (6’ x 12’) wall sections, 1 inner ceiling portion for display and 4 outer covering portions for display as seen above. $18,500

4.) Purchase Complete Exhibition Discounted:

$34,500.00 includes trailer, furniture and tabernacle structure and coverings. Total package reduced from $41,500.00 on 3.17.21

Note: Due to the size of the walls, pillars and silver colored settings, a separate trailer or 26’ Box Truck or U-Haul will be needed to transport the full display to its destination. Contact me for more information on delivery and set-up at your location.

The Tabernacle Man

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