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Threshing Floor: Holy Ground for a Holy Temple, Adapted by Dr. Terry Harman

Updated: Mar 20

Biblical Threshing Floor of Two Brothers

Threshing Floor of Two Brothers

A story relates that long before the Beit Hamikdash was built; two brothers lived and farmed on that site. One was married and had a large family, while the other was single. They lived in close proximity to each other, and each worked his land growing wheat. When harvest time arrived, each was blessed with a bountiful crop and piled up his grain for long-term storage.

The unmarried brother, observing his good fortune, thought to himself that God had blessed him with more than he needed, whereas his brother, who was blessed with a large family, could surely use more. He arose in the middle of the night and secretly took from his grain and put it in his brother’s pile.

Similarly, the married brother thought to himself that he was fortunate to have children who will care for him in his old age, while his brother will depend on what he saved. He, too, arose in the middle of the night and quietly transferred grain from his pile to his brother’s. In the morning, each pondered why there was no noticeable decrease in his own pile, and so they repeated the transfer the next night.

These nocturnal activities went on for several nights, until one night the brothers bumped into each other. In that instant, in the dark of night, the glow of brotherly love lit up the mountain sky; they each understood what the other had been doing and fell into each other’s arms in a loving embrace.

According to the legend, when God saw that display of brotherly love, He selected the site for His Temple. In other versions, it was the Jews who, based on the story, chose the site for building a House for God.

I first heard this legend when it was used in a sermon on December 2, 2016 by Rabbi Len Zukrow, Rabbi of Temple Beth-El. He was kind enough to send me a copy of the legend.

The author or source of the legend is unknown.

Although it is only a legend it is a wonderful illustration.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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