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Shine Bright with Our Stunning Gold-Finished Menorah - Limited Stock Available!

Updated: Mar 6

I receive numerous requests asking, “Where can I purchase the furniture of the Tabernacle?” The two vessels requested the most are the Ark of the Covenant and the Menorah. My general response is, “All of my teaching props are hand-crafted by me or people closely associated with The Tabernacle Man teaching ministry.”

Teaching Props Available

From time to time I build additional teaching props for other ministries. Since a full-size menorah is almost impossible to find I decided to make this project a priority. In the future, I will make available for purchase other teaching props.

Where does the money go?

I do not take a salary from the donations given to The Tabernacle Man. I work a full-time job as the Program Director of a residential facility for healthcare workers struggling with addiction. I have been sober for over 41 years and I enjoy helping people. Therefore, my financial needs are met.

100% of all donations and the sale of teaching props are used for the building of new teaching props, and the production of new video programs (YouTube: The Tabernacle Man).

Menorah - Early Days of the Tabernacle Man

For years as I have traveled to conferences, I have used a tall electric Menorah. This is the one most often seen in my early videos on YouTube. At one point I built a simple version of the menorah that burned olive oil. As I traveled, I learned one important lesson – olive oil will travel everywhere you do not want it if you do not thoroughly clean the menorah after each speaking engagement! Therefore, the electric menorah came into being.

Photo Terry Harman 2008

But as the years passed, I decided I wanted to be able to teach using an olive oil-burning menorah. The menorah most recognized around the world is the one pictured below.

As seen to the left (taken from Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository), The Temple Institute in Jerusalem commissioned artisans to build a menorah commonly known as the Second Temple era menorah.

The Tabernacle Man Menorahs

The menorah crafted for The Tabernacle Man is similar in design and size to the one depicted above. The dimensions of the menorah are not given in the Bible. The book of Exodus only offers a description of the design and weight of the menorah. However, the oral tradition of Judaism suggests the menorah stood three common cubits high (approximately 18 inches per cubit – using the “Common cubit” length of measurement), or approximately 5.3 feet tall (Babylonian Talmud - Menahot 28b).

Olive Oil Burning Wicks

The menorahs available from the Tabernacle Man have a separate well that is placed inside the top cup of the menorah. There are two options. The well can be filled with olive oil and a cotton wick can be used. I recommend the glass-sealed container. This prevents excess olive oil from creating a mess.

Biblical Description of Menorah Exodus 25:31-40 JPS 1917

The Difficulty of Creating the Menorah

For years I tried to bend steel pipe, copper, and any other materials I could find. The base and some of the bulbs and cups are easy to craft in comparison to the curved arms or branches. Jewish tradition informs us that the original menorah may have weighed approximately 75 pounds, depending upon the calculation of the biblical weight of a “talent.” The molten gold would have been poured into a mold.

I searched for years for someone who did not think I was crazy asking if they would consider building a mold in the shape of the Second Temple menorah and then casting some type of molten metal. Finally, I found a foundry to do this for me. Here is the final product.

Polished Aluminum Gold Finish

Dimensions of Menorah

The menorah is constructed of 88 separate parts that are individually cast using 108 pounds (48.89 kg) of molten aluminum. The menorah can be constructed using brass the weight increases to approximately 243 pounds (110 kg). The menorah is 64 inches (approximately 5.3 feet or 162.56 cm) tall, and the arms span 47 inches (119.38 cm). The aluminum can be polished, or gold powder coated as seen in the picture below.

This project required several months to produce the first menorah. Now that the process has been perfected the turnaround time from order to shipment is 21- to 30 days. This menorah is designed for olive oil burning. Special sealed glass containers and accompanying cotton wick are filled with 100% virgin olive oil.

Brass or Aluminum?

Standing side by side, the difference between the brass or aluminum gold, powder-coated menorah, is difficult to distinguish. The main difference is the weight. However, you may prefer the polished aluminum version and apply your paint or gold-leaf finish to the menorah. The menorah constructed of brass increases the weight to approximately 243 pounds (110 kg). Due to the extra weight of a brass menorah shipping charges an average of USD 1,000. If you decide on a brass menorah the cost of shipping will be determined once the pre-order is made.

Shipping Available

Delivery and setup are possible within the United States. If needed, I can ship these worldwide if your country utilizes DHL or FedEx as a courier. Shipping charges would be determined by the courier and must be paid at the time of ordering a menorah.

I believe the gold powder-coated aluminum menorah is better than the brass menorah. Moving a 108-pound object is also much easier than 243 pounds!


polished aluminum

email for pricing and shipping from India

gold powder coat aluminum

email for pricing and shipping from India

polished brass

email for pricing and shipping from India

Please only serious inquiries. Payment plans may be available for your ministry. Close-up pictures are available upon request. We will respond within 48 hours. Please send your country code and phone number and I will contact you.

Please pass the link to this page to your friends, churches, synagogues, or other ministries that might be interested in purchasing a menorah.

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